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Working Remotely - CDCLI


Working Remotely

Zoom Video Conferencing. Remote video meetings at your fingertips.
The new norm…We’re incorporating Zoom video conferencing into our everyday lives to help us bring our teams closer together during this time! The link below offers a few tutorials to help guide you through the Zoom process.

Take a deep breath and become the next Zoom expert by utilizing the step-by-step videos


Remote e-mail access

  • Go to
  • Clock in when you start, clock out for lunch
  • E-mail or call your Supervisor if you’re unable to access ADP


Checking your voicemail from an outside line

  • Dial 631-471-1215
  • Press the # key when you hear the company greeting
  • Enter your extension and your security code

Call forwarding

  • Can ONLY be completed from your office phone
  • To set call forward
  • Press the speaker key
  • Dial 741
  • Dial 1
  • Dial the destination #: 8 1 area code and number e.g., 8 1 (631-111-1111)
  • Press the speaker key
  • Test to ensure that it works!

Cancel call forwarding

  • Press the speaker key
  • Dial 741
  • Dial 0
  • Press the speaker key
  • Test to ensure it works by having someone dial your extension

Still having trouble, contact Elsie Meissner at


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