CDCLI is here for you!

We continue to serve our customers and strive to address issues as promptly as possible.

Rental Assistance:

  • We continue to process your annual recertifications and interims
  • If your income has decreased, please submit a letter from your employing stating last day of employment
  • Unable to get a letter from your employer? Please reach out to your housing specialist stating your last day of employment, and any expected unemployment benefits.
  • We are working remotely as much as possible, so please always include your call back telephone number and email.
  • Annual inspections are not taking place at this time.
  • Terminations and evictions are not taking place at this time
  • Inspections will be provided for a health or safety issue. Please contact us if you have a health or safety issue.


  • Mortgage Defaults:  Click here and download the intake packet, complete, and email.  We will follow up with you once we receive your forms.
  • First-time Home Buyers: Click here download the intake packet, complete, and email.  We will follow up with you once we receive your forms.
  • Financial Education and Coaching: There are no in-person classes. Our Financial Fitness, Health and Wealth programs are operating remotely. Financial Education is offered through our online platform, eHome America. To enroll, click here download the intake packet, complete, and email.  We will follow up with you once we receive your forms.
  • Home Maintenance Training Program: Classes are suspended. If you are interested in this program, please send us an email and we will notify you once classes resume.

Residential Lending:

  • We are working remotely to provide lending services to all our existing customers. Qualified new borrowers are welcome to apply.
  • In case of emergency or for any special request regarding existing loans, please contact us via email and we will get back to you quickly.

Real Estate:

  • Residents in CDCLI properties should continue to reach out to property management with maintenance or repair requests if needed.
  • If you reside in a CDCLI property and have a reduction is income, please notify your Housing Specialist as soon as possible.
  • For any COVID-19 related issues, CDCLI’s Residents Services team is here to connect you with service providers and outside assistance.
  • For urgent questions, please contact the property management. Residents who are enrolled in the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program are also encouraged to reach out to their FSS Case Manager for support.

Home Improvement and Optimization:

  • Due to COVID-19, construction is currently on hold for most of our projects.
  • In the interim, we will continue to accept and process your paper work for all other programs and will notify you once we’re back onsite
  • If you are experiencing any emergency, or life-threatening situation related to home repair, please call or email us immediately, and we will do our best to assist you.

Residential Services

  • Our team is working remotely until further notice. We are ready and able to help our participants find resources for financial assistance, food and healthcare, mental health and emotional support, and other basic needs.
  • For FSS participants, you can reach your Case Manager by email or phone/text:

Susan Forman:; 631-332-1886 *Moxey Rigby residents, contact Susan.
Julia Orlik:; 631-469-7746
Amanda Ruoppoli:; 631-416-9318

  • For Hempstead Housing Authority public housing tenants, you can reach ROSS Service Coordinator April Lowry by email at or phone/text at 631-579-5619.
  • Residents of Pinehurst, Conifer, Brookview, or Woodcrest senior living complexes, you can reach Senior Resident Services Coordinator Grace Sidorowicz by email at or phone/text at 631-436-1892.

For all other inquiries, please contact Resident Services Director Rachel Seiler by email at or 631-304-7984.

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