Our Customers

New York State Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) loan; Prevents Foreclosure

“Two (2) years ago I lost my job and was unable to make my mortgage payments, I was very close to losing my home. My lawyer that I was working with referred me to CDCLI, that’s where I met my Housing Advisor, Leela. Leela was determined to get my loan approved. Not only was my loan approved but it was for the amount I needed to reinstate my loan. Thank you so much CDCLI for saving my home!”


CDCLI’s Weatherization Program Helps Long Islanders

“I am so happy for the Weatherization program because I would have never been able to do this on my own. I am thrilled with all of the work that was done: no more drafts; my home is warm and it stays warm. I have been approved for the Home Improvement Program as well, and will be receiving a new driveway and fence. Thank you CDCLI from the bottom of my heart.”

Concetta, an Islip Terrace resident, received a new boiler, water heater, insulation, dryer vent, a new window, and weather stripping through the Weatherization Assistance Program administered by CDCLI.


Septic Replacement Loan Program Helps Homeowners

Look at those smiles! Long time Long Island residents Jim and Anne are thrilled to receive a loan through CDCLI’s Septic Replacement Loan Program to replace their outdated septic system with a new state-of-the-art system designed to reverse decades of damaging nitrogen pollution of ground and surface waters. This loan is in conjunction with the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program. CDCLI is happy to be part protecting the environment and helping homeowners.


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