REDI: Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

Our REDI Creed: 

We believe that people of all races and ethnicities should be afforded equal opportunities in all areas of life. 

Our mission is to disrupt and dismantle systems of economic and social inequities in our organization, and our communities. 

As such, our work as change agents is to bring attention to potential inequities and bring about positive change. 


  • Encourage and provide education about the systemic barriers that exist for underrepresented groups, as well as ways to break down those barriers and foster positive change. 
  • Reach out to the community with resources that can help in the fight against inequity, whether we are hosting screenings of pertinent films or discussions, providing information on who to contact when facing discrimination, or giving people access to a wide range of materials regarding diversity and inclusion. 
  • Be a positive presence within our company by bringing those of different backgrounds and experiences together, working as advocates for all employees’ rights and freedoms, and aiding in the growth of our company into a safe and inclusive space for all. 
  • Accept that looking internally and acknowledging our mistakes and discomfort is the key to changing ourselves for the better, allowing us to have a clearer and more understanding view on the systemic issues that are prevalent throughout our society.

Meet The Team


It is our mission to best support our community and The CDCLI Team. All suggestions and critiques are taken into serious consideration as we grow The REDI Committee. If you would like to report an issue and/or have a suggestion for the committee, please contact us at


To connect with the committee anonymously, please click here.

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