NeighborWorks Week 2020

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our June 18th Virtual Watch Party presenting Pathways To Economic Success, and how residents of properties that are part of the project can participate. We hope you enjoyed it!

We will draw the $100 Raffle winner during the week of June 22nd.

Below you’ll find links to the Watch Party content so you can re-watch at your leisure, to refresh your memory about the forthcoming survey, and/or re-experience the guided meditation.

Weren’t able to join us live on June 18th? That’s OK, you are welcome and encouraged to view it, too!

June 18th Watch Party – Password 8P?E+Z*S

Click here and check out this short video with details on our Pathways to Economic Success survey, when you can expect to receive it, and how you can complete and return it to receive a $25 gift card if you are among the first 285 to complete a survey.

Stress Relieving Guided Meditation


  • Who’s eligible to take the Pathways to Economic Success survey? Residents of the Brookview Commons, Woodcrest Estates, Pinehurst A Conifer, Conifer Village 1, Conifer Village 2, and Wyandanch Village at 10 Station Drive and 40 Station Drive rental communities, and CDCLI tenants are eligible.
  • What if my spouse and I both want to do the survey? 1 survey per household, please.
  • What if I’d rather have another household member like my adult child who lives at home, take the survey instead of me? The survey taker should be the household member who makes financial decisions for the household, like the head-of-household.
  • Who is eligible to receive a $25 gift card? The first 285 completers will receive a gift card.
  • How will I receive my gift card for completing the survey? Once we receive and process your completed survey, we’ll send you your gift card in the postal mail, as long as you are among the first 285 survey completers.
  • How long will it take me to do the survey?  Between 20 minutes-1 hour.
  • How do I find out more? If you’d like more information or have questions about our Pathways To Economic Success survey, please contact Resident Services Analyst Paul Bartley at 631-672-1328 or
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