35 Broadway Apartments


The Community Development Corporation of Long Island, Inc. (CDCLI), in partnership with ARC Property Management Group, LLC (Owner/Manager), is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications to establish a list of potential applicants for two workforce rental units located within 35 Broadway.

CDCLI staff is available to assist with any questions you may have on the program and the application process.  Please feel free to call (631)904-0913 or email at 35Broadway@cdcli.org.

Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications will be available ONLY online at www.cdcli.org. DO NOT deliver applications in any other manner such as by mail or hand-delivery as they will NOT be accepted.


35 Broadway

35 Broadway consists of 18 studio and two bedroom apartments and is located at 35 Broadway in Hicksville, NY. Two of the units are required to be maintained as income restricted Workforce Housing Rental Units. The two Workforce Housing Rental Units consist of 2 two-bedroom units.


Income and Rent Restrictions

The gross household annual income of occupants for the Workforce Housing Rental Units cannot exceed 120% of the HUD Area Median Income (HUD AMI) for Nassau County, adjusted for family size.  Minimum incomes are required by the Owner/Manager in order to ensure that occupants are not paying more than 35% of their gross annual income on housing expenses (rent plus a utility allowance). Based on the above, the current maximum and minimum income limits and rents for 35 Broadway Apartments are as follows:

* Minimum Income Guidelines do not apply to those applicants with an approved rental subsidy.


Affordability Period

The affordability restrictions stated above will remain in effect commensurate with the Term of the Lease Agreement between the Owner/Manager and the Nassau County Industrial Development Agency.



Cost of the following utilities is included in the workforce unit rent amount listed above:
Heat – Electric
Cooking – Electric
Hot water – Electric


Annual Income Recertification.

Tenants will be recertified annually in accordance with the income and rent guidelines established above based on the HUD Area Median Income in effect for each year. Leases will contain addendums that outline the requirements for continued eligibility and requirements to recertify annually. 



General process

Eligibility for a unit involves three steps: (1) Timely submission of a completed Application; (2) Timely submission of additional information required necessary to assess preliminary program eligibility for tenancy including income, tax returns, and related documentation; and (3) Final review by the Owner/Manager for tenancy including credit checks, backgrounds checks, employment and leasing history.



Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and may only be submitted on-line. DO NOT deliver applications in any other manner such as by mail or hand-delivery as they will NOT be accepted.


To submit the electronic application, go to CDCLI’s website at www.cdcli.org and click on the link for 35 Broadway Application. Applicants will be placed on a wait list in the order in which their application is received. Applications will be automatically dated and time stamped for submission and included in a database. Applicants will be notified of their waitlist rank number by CDCLI. CDCLI will contact applicants in ranked order to determine formal eligibility for a unit.


Inclusion on the Waitlist represents only the first step for initial compliance and does not guarantee preliminary approval or eligibility for a unit.


Step Two – Preliminary Eligibility Review

During this step, CDCLI will conduct a pre-screening to verify the applicant’s income (both maximum and minimum), and household size for program eligibility. This will require the applicant provide certain documentation outlined below.


Applicants will be asked to submit required documentation that will include:
(1) last 2 years of federal income tax returns, W-2 and/or 1099 form;
(2) four most recent consecutive pay stubs;
(3) three most recent consecutive monthly bank statements for all bank accounts and investment accounts. 
(4) consent for CDCLI to share applicant’s income documentation with G2D


The applicant will have 5 business days to provide the above referenced documents.  If the foregoing is not received by CDCLI within such time period, the applicant will be ineligible and a letter will be sent confirming same.  The applicant will also be required to provide certain consents in order to permit CDCLI to verify income submissions and employment.


Income will include all gross income, including, but not limited to, income from full and part time employment, overtime, bonuses, tips, pensions, social security, 401k and IRA distributions, child support, alimony, and severance pay.  ALL sources of income are included and will be annualized for the upcoming 12-month period. Total gross household income cannot exceed the maximum income limits.


Once income verification has been completed, the applicant will be notified, by email, if available, or by regular mail of their status.  If the applicant is deemed income eligible, they will be referred to the Owner/Manager to complete Step 3.


Step Three – Rental Application/Tenant Screening

If the applicant is deemed income eligible, they will be referred to the Owner/Manager to complete a Formal Rental Application with the Owner/Manager. The Owner/Manager will review the formal Rental Application and conduct a screening review. This will involve assessing the applicant’s suitability for tenancy and adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Housing Laws.  



The Intake Waitlist will convert to a permanent waitlist once the 2 affordable units are leased-up. When vacancies occur, the first eligible applicant on the waitlist will be contacted to inform him/her that a unit is available at the preferred mode of contact as indicated on the Waitlist Intake Form.  Three attempts will be made to inform the applicant before proceeding to the next applicant on the list; all attempts will be documented.  If the applicant is no longer interested, the application will be removed from the waitlist with an explanation for the reason for the removal from the waitlist. Interested applicants will have 5 business days to provide a completed Formal Rental Application, together with the required documentation as set forth above in order to conduct income certification, employment verification, creditworthiness, and background checks as described in Step 2 and Step 3 above.



The Owner/Manager is fully committed to enforcing the spirit and the letter of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Federal Fair Housing Law), the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York Human Rights Act, and the Suffolk County Human Rights Act. Neither the Owner/Manager nor any of its affiliates, employees, agents, or brokers will discriminate in the sale, lease, advertisement or financing of housing against any individual or family because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran/military status, source of income, familial status or presence of children in a household, or on the basis of any other protected class.



Persons with disabilities are entitled to request a reasonable accommodation in rules, policies, practices or services, or to request a reasonable modification in the housing, when such accommodations or modifications may be necessary to afford such persons an equal opportunity to use and enjoy the housing. Reasonable accommodations will be offered to all disabled persons who request accommodations due to disability at any time during the application, resident selection and leasing process.



Applicants are advised that the Owner/Manager maintains Policies and Procedures governing the complex and its tenants.  More detailed information on the Owner/Managers policies and procedures is available at https://g2dgroup.com/hicksville/35-broadway/.



Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Contact

Community Development Corporation of Long Island, Inc.
1660 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 130
Melville, NY 11747
Contact Person:  Jeanmarie Buffett
Telephone Number: (631) 904-0913
Email Address: 35broadway@cdcli.org  


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