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Welcome Spring Creek Residents

You can use this section to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the enhanced voucher program at Spring Creek Towers. If you have additional questions, please contact Laura Savino 631-471-1215 ext. 136 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

3 Year Option
Residents who appeared for an eligibility appointment for the enhanced voucher program at Spring Creek Towers and were deemed eligible but do not have a subsidy paid on your behalf right now have three years to opt into this enhanced voucher program. Should your income decrease in the future or if the rent increases to more then 30% of your household income you will need to contact CDC so we can determine if you will be eligible for a subsidy. The last month to opt into the Enhanced Voucher program is March 31,2013, after this date the option is no longer available.

If you have been deemed income eligible for the enhanced voucher program and you do not wish to continue to stay at Spring Creek Towers, you may request to take the Section 8 voucher and move to any jurisdiction in the nation or commonwealth of the U.S., where there is a Section 8 program. If you wish to take your voucher and move you must inform CDC for further guidance. Under normal circumstances once the Housing Assistance Contract is in effect, the family has to stay in the development and will only be permitted to move after the initial lease period.

Annual Recertification Process
All residents receiving a rental subsidy must recertify with CDC within twelve months of receiving their first subsidy payment. Annual recertification packets will be mailed to all families 90 days prior to the actual renewal date. This package must be returned promptly and completed with all required documents by the return date listed on the cover letter. As part of the re-examination process a housing quality standard inspection of your unit must take place. If the family fails to submit the completed packet and/or allow an inspection to take place, the family may be terminated from the program. Upon completion of the annual recertification you will receive a notice from our office informing you of your portion of the rent and the housing assistance payment to the landlord.

** Please Note: If you are on the enhanced voucher program and you are receiving a subsidy you no longer have to recertify with Spring Creek Management.