Nassau County COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

Additional information and updates for applicants:

The application process is underway.  Please note, if you receive a link to complete an application, the following documents are required for completion:

  • Signed certification from property owner as to extent of arrears and specific months missed and/or current rental invoice showing arrears due
  • Photo identification such as driver’s license, employer ID with photo, passport, NYS non-drivers ID
  • Proof of having been current with rental payments from January through March 2020 (e.g. rental receipts, rent invoice, cancelled checks, or bank statements showing rental payments made)
  • Documentation of all rent paid since April 2020
  • Income documentation – pay-stubs, tax returns, award letters, P&L, other acceptable documentations with supporting bank statements from March 2020 to date
  • Proof income loss is related to COVID-19, such as unemployment filing or benefit, furlough notice from employer, or profit and loss statement showing reduced income
  • Current Lease Agreement
  • Attestation of no relation to property owner

In addition, we will send an email to your landlord requesting the following items:

  • ACH: Electronic funds transfer system
  • W9
  • Attestation of non-eviction for covered months

Funding for this program is being provided by the Nassau County Office of Community Development using CARES Act funds.