Brooklyn Residents

Over the past few years, CDCLI has expanded into the eastern portions of Brooklyn.  CDCLI administers over 375 tenant based and enhanced vouchers and another 1,419 project based vouchers for New York Homes and Community Renewal (NY HCR).

Please use this section to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Enhanced Voucher Program, Project Based Program, and the Rental Assistance Demonstration.


Whether you have an Enhanced or Project Based voucher, once the Housing Assistance Contract is in effect, your family must stay in the development and will only be permitted to move after the initial lease period.  After a year, you may request a voucher to move to any jurisdiction in the nation or commonwealth of the United States where a Housing Choice Voucher program exists.  When a voucher is available, you will be given one to move.  Please contact your Housing Specialist at CDCLI for more information.

Annual Recertification Process

All residents receiving a rental subsidy must recertify with CDCLI within twelve months of receiving their first subsidy payment. Annual recertification packets will be mailed to all families 90 days prior to the actual renewal date. This package must be returned promptly and completed with all required documentation by the return date listed on the cover letter. As part of the re-examination process, a Housing Quality Standard inspection of your unit must take place. If the family fails to submit the completed packet and/or allow an inspection to take place, the family may be terminated from the program. Upon completion of the annual recertification, you will receive a notice from our office informing you of your portion of the rent and the housing assistance payment to the landlord.

Project Based Voucher Contact Information

631-471-1215 x132 or email

New York East Contact Information

631-471-1215 x132 or email