How can we help?

Septic Replacement Loan Program

To further CDCLI’s mission of increasing investment in neighborhoods, protecting the assets of homeowners, and protecting the environment, a low interest rate loan product is now available to assist with the installation of a Suffolk County approved replacement septic system!

This new loan from CDCLI is made available in conjunction with the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program.  Under the Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program, homeowners may apply for a grant from Suffolk County to assist with the cost of replacing outdated and failing septic systems with state-of-the-art nitrogen reducing systems designed to reverse decades of damaging nitrogen pollution of ground and surface waters. 

CDCLI Annual Luncheon

The Annual Luncheon is CDCLI’s signature annual fundraising event and our celebration with our partners – all of whom help us to continue our mission of providing solutions to foster and maintain vibrant, equitable and sustainable communities on Long Island.

Funds raised help us deliver critical services to thousands of Long Islanders throughout the year. Since its inception 48 years ago, CDCLI has been a significant force for revitalizing and building strong communities, because home matters for all people. We have assisted over 200,000 Long Islanders and invested $1.3 billion into communities. Last fiscal year alone, CDCLI served 19,000 Long Islanders while investing over $134 million.